Consent Form

New patients must complete a consent form. We provide the form in our waiting room bu if you prefer to fill it out at home, please fill out the form below and bring it to your first visit.


No Call/No Show Policy

We're reasonable people, we know life has its own plan, people get sick etc. 

We mostly ask that you be in communication with us. If you are going to be late or have decided not to get acupuncture that day, please call (and leave a message if you don't get us.) 

We are happy to cancel or reschedule an appointment. 

That being said, if you don't call and don't show up to your appointment, it means someone might not have gotten a treatment that day, the physician loses time and money, and the clinic has less to pay rent ... you see where this is going. 

Also, we really really hate charging that $30 fee. It's there to discourage being stood up, please don't make us use it.


Additional Information For New Patients

What do I wear for my first visit?
You will not need to undress for your treatment, simply wear or bring something comfortable to change into (i.e. sweatpants, yoga pants, a comfortable shirt, skirt, shorts etc.)

How do I prepare for my treatment?
Try to arrive on time or a little early* to be sure your entire experience is soothing. It is best not to be treated on a totally empty stomach so have a small snack.

*We do not open before we say we open, so if you book the first available appointment of a shift we will unlock the doors just before opening time. For example if the opening time is 10 am, we will most likely unlock the doors between 9:55 and 10 am

What should I expect during a session?
The first visit is typically an hour and one half long; follow-up visits are approximately one hour. During the initial visit you will meet with an acupuncturist to review your medical history and the main reason for coming. After your intake, you will proceed into the treatment room, remove your shoes & socks, and get comfortable on a reclining chair or treatment table. The acupuncturist will come in shortly after.

To begin a treatment, your practitioner will decide where to place the needles. This decision will be based on your constitution and your main complaint. Each treatment is highly customized for you and your specific health concern. Most points selected are from the elbows to the fingers, knees to toes, and head and scalp, although the back and abdomen can also be used.

Each time you receive a treatment the points may or may not vary. We use many approaches to balance treating you’re overall “Constitution” along with your current main complaint. The treatment, based on your specific constitution is called a root treatment. The treatment, which addresses your main concerns, is called a local treatment. Both root treatment and local treatments are done on each visit following the initial consultation.

How long is a session?
Acupuncture treatments typically last from 45 minutes to 1 hour. First time patients should allow an hour and a half for sufficient time to complete their initial consultation.

One of the nicest parts of your experience at Acupuncture Advantage is that we allow you to modify the length of your treatment. Most people relax with their needles for 30-60 minutes, but you may stay as long as you like as long as we have room. We will check in on you periodically, leaving you alone if you are relaxed or sleeping, and checking to see if you are ready to have your needles removed when eye contact is made or if you call upon your practitioner.

Why is my treatment not in a private room?
Your treatment is done in a group setting. We have specifically designed our clinic to comfortably treat patients in this way for several reasons.
First, it allows us to treat more patients thereby keeping prices low.
Second, patients are often more comfortable and feel less isolated in a group setting; many patients come in with friends and family members.
Third, the group energy that is created helps to foster a stronger healing environment.

Group acupuncture originated from the way acupuncture was historically practiced in China. Patients receive acupuncture in groups and receive treatments until their health conditions are fully resolved or greatly improved. At Acupuncture Advantage, the practitioners have studied extensively special acupuncture styles which allow for very effectively treatments without requiring you to undress – most points are from the elbows to the fingers, knees to toes, and head and scalp.

Why is my treatment in a recliner chair?
We utilize multiple methods to provide you with the best outcomes. We don’t always place needles in the area that is affected or hurts. For this reason we can treat a host of conditions while you rest comfortably in a reclining chair. Yes, even back pain can be treated without placing needles in your back. In fact we find patients with back pain are much more comfortable being treated in a recliner vs. on massage tables.