Chinese Herbal Medicine

At Acupuncture Advantage, our acupuncturists are licensed in the State of Florida as Acupuncture Physicians and Doctors of Oriental Medicine.

Acupuncture is our clinic’s first line of treatment. However, depending on the condition you are seeking treatment for, it may be recommended that you try Chinese herbal medicine. This can enhance the effects of acupuncture, leading to quicker and more dramatic results. For particular conditions such as digestive disorders, infertility, menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia, common cold or headaches, herbs may be recommended.

Is Chinese Herbal Medicine Safe? 
Chinese herbs combine synergistically with acupuncture and have been safely used for over 2500 years to accelerate the healing process. The herbs that we offer contain the highest quality ingredients. These products are subject to stringent safety testing and they are FDA and GMP compliant. Like acupuncture, herbs work best when taken consistently at the recommended dose. Any recommended dietary supplements are based on modern research and we stock only the highest quality brands.

We offer a line of herbs processed into a powder that is easy to take. Custom-made formulas can be created for you to meet your body’s particular needs and should not cause side effects. Most of the time, herbs can be used alongside western medications; however, there are certain cases when they should not. The utmost care will be used in prescribing herbs for you. Please make sure to inform your acupuncturist of all medications and supplements you are taking.

Are there side effects of Chinese Herbal Medicine? 
Side effects for Chinese Herbal Medicine are minimal for various reasons:

  • Formulas are classically derived, proven and tested over thousands of years

  • The whole part of a plant is used not just an extract of the active ingredient

  • Many herbs are used together in a formula to enhance or deter characteristics of herbs

  • Small dosages of individual herbs are used not large dosages of individual herbs

In the case that an individual is using medication prescribed by physician or bought over-the-counter, it is essential to inform your practitioner. Although side effects from drug / herb interaction are minimal, it is essential that the patient state all medication, herbal supplements and vitamins taken.

Are the herbs good quality? 
The herbal products sold at our clinic are of superior quality. We have carefully selected herbs that conform to our stringent standards and the standards of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for safety. Formulas are written for your specific condition(s) and are carefully balanced so you will not experience any side effects. In fact, side effects are unusual. However, as with any medication, any unusual symptoms should be reported immediately to your herbalist.

How much do herbal appointments cost, how much are herbs?
Herbs may be recommended based on your condition as an addition to your acupuncture treatment. If you need an herbal consult without acupuncture treatment or you need extra time to discuss herbs with the physician there is a cost of $40. The costs of herbs are separate and vary based upon what is being treated.